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Independent Medical Evaluations Guelph

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Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs) are examinations performed by a healthcare professional who has no other involvement in the examinee's care, to establish current clinical status and clarify legally significant case issues - medical and other. IMEs are performed to provide current, unbiased impartial information for case management and /or for use as evidence in hearings and other legal proceedings. They are a component of all workers' compensation statutes.

The sole purpose of an IME is to provide information to the client who requested the evaluation. Therefore, although an IME involves a provider (examiner) and a patient (examinee), the IME is not a "doctor-patient treating relationship", and no such relationship is established. Providers involved in normal treating relationships with their patients are bound by medical practice ethics and expected to be patient advocates while providing optimal and appropriate treatment.

Dr. Finoro is a member of the Canadian Society of Medical Evaluators (CSME).  Dr. Finoro has been performing medico-legal independent medical evaluations and functional capacity evaluations since 2006.  Dr. Finoro is currently on the physician roster of many of Canada's largest IME companies who utilize his expertise in the assessment of injuries under the Statuary Auto-accident Benefit Schedule. (SABS)

The Canadian Society of Medical Evaluators (CSME) is the leading national organization of professionals involved in independent medicolegal and clinicolegal evaluations using evidence-based medicine, best clinical practices and practice guidelines. In addition to providing outstanding educational programming, CSME provides a forum for the sharing of knowledge, experience and innovation amongst Canadian clinician evaluators.


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